Back in 2012, I became the owner of two lovely cats, Mia and Bobby, when a family friend’s female cat unexpectedly became pregnant and gave birth to 4 new kittens.  Unfortunately, that friend did not have the time or resources to accommodate 4 new cats in her life so she gave these two lovely kittens away to me.


Over the years, I’ve discovered a ton of unique accessories over the Internet that have enhanced the lives of my two feline companions including scratchers, beds, leashes, etc.  Constantly searching for new toys and such for my cats has been quite a challenge as they outgrew their old things from time to time.  So here at Cute Cat Accessories, I’ve hand picked the best gear I’ve found over the years for display in one convenient location.


None of the accessories found on this site is sold directly by us but we may receive some commissions on most (but not all) of the items featured here.  This site is constantly evolving as I find new and interesting products as well as learning new things about my cats so please check back periodically to find new cat gear as well as cat care tips and even funny videos!